Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well finally I sit down to blog again.....
I'm going to start talking about the different types of "artists"....
Firstly - The Sunday Afternooner... (not sure if there's such a word but it will do!)

This individual is usally old, retired and belongs to a local art club or has had a few "lessons". They cheerfully pretend they know what they're doing and proudly present new works to friends and family - usually with afternoon tea and homemade scones. The works are at best a dismal shambles of fumbled flowers usually and are always watercolours! Why? Somehow the believe that watercolours are easy to paint with! Wrong!
Watercolours are probably one of the hardest mediums to use correctly - that is why your paintings (if you are one of these "artists") are a mess.

Occasionally you come across a rare one... I did once. Once in 18 yrs in the business I've finally met an old gent in his 70's who had the most wonderful collection of artworks (watercolours) that were of a highly professional standard. Stunning! He had sadly never exhibited. I passed on a name of a dealer and I sincerely hope he tries to sell some before he falls over never to get up! The shock of selling might do that to him anyway - so on second thoughts......

Oh and by the way - for those that teach these people... don't teach them all the trash that you do - their pictures all look the same and look badly executed which only reflects upon you as a teacher! It amazes me how you charge so much for so little good.

[For those that are serious about learning how to paint then try first learning how light works. Yes - you are not painting objects you are painting light! There are some great books, sadly not available to the open public as far as I'm aware, that can be ordered thru architects. Yes I said architects. Great books on draftsmanship and perspectives. They teach how light works properly not as you are taught at school! I have never yet found a school that teaches that correctly either. I had one art teacher look at my notes briefly and ask for a copy of my notes - I declined. I may do a posting on that someday. Why is he teaching when he doesn't know? Anyway....]


  1. Haha, you always give a good spiel Mr Axs.

    I now feel fully inspired to paint some dodgy old water colors!

  2. It's all about control Mr Hugo - of water!