Friday, April 9, 2010

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Well its been a crazy few weeks and nothing much has happened.
Had a few husbands and wives disagree over a painting or two. One wants it and the other doesn't! I hate that! They stand there arguing over your work, go away empty handed and you have no food on your plate..... what's happening to the world? Just buy it and tell her you love her!!!

Anyway enough of this.

My mate had a show recently of his cartoon style pop art work. Great fun and light hearted show. Great effort mate keep it up! (If you're reading this...). But, here's something I noticed - the following two days he was quiet and not his normal self at all. Yes he had the post show blues.... Most of us get them (I think).

Don't give up! The thing is I've had shows where I've sold nothing - that was depressing and I've had shows that sold out... apart from 1 painting out of 32 so I destroyed it for failing me. That's another story.
You hear all sorts of stories and art is full of rubbish to be honest. Some of you may know a guy who paints in New Zealand and is/was practically revered for his abstract modern images (and no it's not dear RH!). He's highly sold as one of the top selling artists - yet I heard he struggles to sell 10% of his work. Hmmm, puts a slightly different picture to it all. I've also heard that another revered artist is meant to have his paintings sold at $600k - I also heard that it was stitched up in an auction house for publicity between 2 friends in on it and that he struggles to sell his works for $15k to $30k. I've also heard that one of NZ's best selling female artists went to U.K. with her work and the gallery wouldn't hang it because they said the work was trash.

So the point I'm making is - there's a lot of talk, a lot of rubbish. Fame is fake, whether it be in your local township or in your country or worldwide.

So paint because you want to.

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  1. A love an artist who talks straight and wears his heart on his turtle-neck sweater.

    Right on!

    Actually, ATom1746 is well known as a post nude industrialist impressionist.